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The Prodigal Pig

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You"re Not Listening to Me!

 You don’t have to travel to Washington to find places where everyone is talking and nobody’s listening. Homes, churches, and families everywhere are filled with people shouting, “You’re not listening to me!” But what can you do when the people around you grow selectively deaf? How do you communicate with someone who doesn't acknowledge a word you say? Discover five proven tips that help open even the most tightly closed ears!

Walk on the Happy Side

LIfe is serious but that doesn't mean it has to be a drag! Check out ten ways to walk on the Happy Side. And, why we should!

The Eternal Woman

The eternal woman has no illusions about how difficult life can be, but that doesn’t rob her of hope and laughter. She knows her place. She knows her worth. She knows her limitations and she knows where she’s going. The eternal woman walks gently with God and partnering with Him shapes tomorrow.

Family Contracting

From toddlers to teens the challenge of raising children is full of surprises. Take advantage of Elizabeth’s experience as a mother, grandmother, Bible teacher, and Professional Counselor. You will laugh as she shares glimpses of her own challenges as a single mother of teens and identify as she faced problems that seemingly had no solution. Together you will discover how family contracting can keep the family afloat in the roughest storm.

How to Hang Loose in an Uptight World

Is life in the fast lane getting to you? Think stress reduction is only possible with a vacation in Hawaii? Think again! This fun, energetic, and oh-so-practical seminar, Dr. Elizabeth Baker will demonstrate why stress creates illness and how you can break the cycle even without a tropical vacation! Participants will measure their personal stress level, discover stress-busting techniques that fit their lifestyle, and developed a biblical understanding of rest.

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