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"I’m not sure when it started," the angel Rachel began." Probably Bible College. They made a lot of noise in those years about doing ‘big’ things for God. You know, ‘Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life!’ that sort of thing."

"Is that bad?" JaKobe’s eyebrows drew slightly higher and the tilt of his head followed.

"Don’t be absurd," she defended. "But how often have you seen a human who knew what a ‘big thing’ or a ‘wonderful plan’ might look like in ordinary life?"
. . . .

It’s been seven hundred years since the warrior, JaKobe, worked on earth but when his curiosity is piqued by Rachael’s strange request, he knows time has come to return.

Follow his angelic adventure as he fills an assignment others have shunned. As you view an ordinary Sunday through angel eyes, a new world of possibilities will open. It’s a view that just might change your own ordinary Sunday’s as well!

Reader Comments:

"I love the whole angel interaction thing. I think you have a strong premise. . . By the way, I loved the whole intro and the way JaKobe decided to enter back into the human world."
— Jim Rubart (Author: Rooms, Books of Days, The Chair)

"I enjoyed the book and found the characters to be very life-like, believable, and easy to identify with. The whole concept of angels waging spiritual warfare around us without our awareness is an exciting one and you portray it very well"
— Janet Ann Collins (Author: Signs of Trouble, Secret Service Saint)

"This book is very deep and meaningful and has great potential to explain the deeper issues of our faith to those whose faith wavers and who don’t understand spiritual struggles in the church. … At times there are flashes of brilliance and understanding that took my breath away. Your writing is excellent and your characters very alive and real."
— Deborah Dunn (Author)




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More Reader Comments:

"[The book] just reaches out and pulls you in. I couldn’t put it down."
— Mike (reader)

"I can’t wait to read the book again"
Toyne (reader)

"Are you planning on writing a sequel...or perhaps a series? I could have continued reading and reading....I especially enjoyed the chapter with the angels praising God. I printed that portion off and used it in my quiet time with the Lord this morning during adoration. I have written the praises in my journal for future use in prayer. "
— Penny (reader)

"Very insightful. Your best work."



Spiritual Trail Mix is the perfect companion for modern life on the go. Whether you’re looking for a moment of down-time before sleep or an interlude of laughter while waiting in line, these stories will give a fresh reason to face the day with a positive attitude. From romance to humor to drama, the variety will be refreshing and the spiritual nourishment a boost to keep you going with a smile.

Like a quick call from a friend or an unexpected breeze on a summer day, these thirty stories provide a moment of refreshment without weighing you down. And, best of all, every story can be read in ten minutes or less!

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Elizabeth's classic best seller from 1979 is brought back to life for a new generation. Humorous, honest, Bible based and compelling, this ageless primer on the joys and traumas of dealing with kids, husbands, and dirty dishes will have you laughing and bring you to tears. Her practical advice provides realistic solutions to problems that never change.

Join her in an exploration that is as fresh and ageless as mother's love. Elizabeth tackles issues that are modern in every respect while her home-spun style makes the readers feel as though they are having coffee with a wise friend.

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Do you long to have a truly Christian home?

                 Do you find yourself seeking that goal alone?

Is it possible to have Christian home when your husband is not saved? What if you attend church alone, or your pay is twice what he earns? Is it possible to be too submissive? What if you are married to a good guy, but you know he is headed in the wrong direction?

Elizabeth doesn't offer answers from her PhD or fifteen years as a professional counselor. This is not a book about abstract theories or clinical psychology. It is the heartbeat of a woman who has been there, done that, and found a scriptural way to go forward in peace and hope.

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Is there a solution when stomach acid, tight muscles, headaches and tension tell you life has become too much to handle? Elizabeth Baker, Ph.D. gives a resounding "YES!"

Drawing on her personal experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and clinical research, she offers proven techniques that can change your world. You understand why stress damages every organ of the body and find simple ways to test your own level of stress. If you want to learn how to stop negative impact of stress before illness occurs, How to Hang Loose in an Uptight World is the solution for which you have been searching. Easy to understand, easy to implement, these practical suggestions can save your life.

image: book cover how to hang loose in an uptight world

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title: who am I a woman's guide to self-acceptance


Can you identify with any of the following statements?

  • "I often feel like an actor performing my life rather than living it."
  • "When I am in a public place, I like to study the people around me, but I don’t think of myself as one of them."
  • "I cry or laugh easily, but it feels shallow and unreal."
  • "I am confused inside and don’t know what I want from life anymore."

If so, you will benefit from this gently probing book. The unique worksheets and journaling exercises will help you work through the basic questions of life finding a new self-confidence and inner peace.

book cover: who am I a woman's guide to self-acceptance

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title: 'cause angels can't sing


10 Gifts for $20

10 copies of "Cause Angels Can’t Sing" each booklet contains 5 short stories of faith for the Holidays. Thirty-eight pages to touch your heart and make you smile.
10 matching gift envelopes ready for mailing or to tuck under the tree.

The perfect holiday remembrance for teachers, coworkers and groups!

Each copy of "’Cause Angels Can’t Sing" contains 5 short stories that are sure to put even Grinch in a holiday mood. Stories of romance, humor and drama explore faith and keep the real meaning of Christmas clear.

Readers will sympathize with ten-year-old Kadyn as he struggles to separate the real meaning of Christmas from holiday fluff, and laugh as Curtis and Chelsea debate which one of them will eat the monkey pie offered by their Oriental guest. Rene finds new hope as she takes her firstborn home on Christmas Day and Regina is serving wassail, but it comes with an unwelcome attitude. But across town, tears are about to change to romance as Jenise receives a Christmas promise.

(Sh-h-h, there’s a secret bonus! "The recipe for Monkey Pie is included at the end of eacj 38-page the booklet!)

book cover: 'cause angels can't sing

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title: spiritual trail mix

Publicado en 1979, este best-seller de Elizabeth ha recobrado vida para una nueva generación. Es un manual perenne y convincente lleno de humor, honestidad, basado en la Biblia, que relata las alegrías y los retos de la vida con niños, esposos, y platos sucios. Le provocará tanto risas como lágrimas. Su consejo práctico ofrece soluciones realistas a problemas que nunca cambian.

Participa en esta aventura tan fresca y eterna como el amor de madre. Elizabeth aborda temas que son modernos en todos los aspectos, mientras que su estilo familiar hace que los lectores se sientan como si estuvieran tomando café con una sabia amiga.

book cover: en la cocina mando yo


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